Welcome to "Until Dice Do Us Part," a, short-format podcast all about one game at a time. My name is Seth and my co-host, Jessie, is my wife. We are excited to dive deep into the world of tabletop gaming and offer our listeners insight on whether a game is worth their time and attention.

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Each episode, we will focus on one specific game, delving into the mechanics, strategy, and theme. We'll share our thoughts and experiences with the game, giving you an idea of what to expect and whether it's a good fit for you and your gaming group.

Jessie and I are both avid tabletop gamers with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. We bring our unique perspectives and enthusiasm to every episode, making "Until Dice Do Us Part" a must-listen for anyone looking to expand their gaming collection.

Our episodes will be short and to the point, perfect for a quick listen on your commute or during a break. We'll be covering a wide range of games, from classic favorites to new releases, so there's something for everyone.

As husband and wife, we also bring a unique dynamic to the podcast as we share our different approach to gaming and how it affects our relationship.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the hobby, we invite you to join us on "Until Dice Do Us Part" as we explore the wonderful world of tabletop gaming. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on your favorite platform so you never miss an episode.

We can't wait to share our love of tabletop gaming with you and help you discover your next favorite game.

Sincerely, Seth and Jessie.