S02E02 | 7 Wonders Duel (2015)

A two-player board game is on tap for tonight: 7 Wonders Duel. Ranking in the top 20 on Board Game Geek, this heads up game is in many ways like the original 7 Wonders, it is played over 3 ages, players gather cards to provide recourses, players can pursue military or scientific achievements, and players develop there cities and complete wonders.

Jessie and Seth review this board game and discuss if it is good/bad or just hard on their marriage.

Game Stats

Number of players: 2 players
Suggested Age: 10+
Time: 30 minutes
Mechanics: Card Drafting, Hand Management, Take That
7 Wonders Duel
Science? Military? What will you draft to win this head-to-head version of 7 Wonders?